$ 20.00

In eight video sessions, we will read through almost every word that was penned down in the book of Exodus and study what they tell us about God.

The Bible isn’t about the characters. The Bible is about God. The narrative is telling the story of a God bringing His creation back to Himself. And it starts with Exodus. When we begin to see all that God was doing in this book, we see Him with new eyes, we read the New Testament with new eyes, we see Jesus with new eyes.

We won’t try to find our place in this story- we will just keep seeking God’s place in this story. His role, His character, His plan. Our focus will be on what Exodus, what this narrative, tells about God. 

• Includes 7 weeks of homework and discussion questions.
• Study Guide is intended to be used for personal reflection after the video session teachings.
• Unless noted, New Living Translation is used throughout the study.

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