This study started as a group of five women meeting at a gym coffee shop, reading and talking about this little letter in the New Testament. Some of the women had studied many books of the Bible, while others had never actually read much of the Bible on their own before. Each of us took a different translation to read through so we could come together and share everything that we had found.

 We quickly learned that there was SO much packed into those four small chapters. There were things that confused us, things that inspired us, and things that challenged us. We would gather and share and process and in our midst, God’s Word came alive.

 My heart for Bible study is to keep it simple. There is so much to discover in the words penned for us, and I simply want to start the discovery. In this study, we take 6 weeks to read through Colossians and dig deep into all that Paul had penned down for that church in Colossae... and for us.

To accompany the study, we have created a set of discussion questions and memory verse cards, all designed by Lindsay Sherbondy of Lindsay Letters. They are beautiful!

I hope that this book brings you as much wisdom, insight, and learning as it brought us. And I pray that you see God in bigger ways.